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Pick&TrackApp is a professional mobile configurable application useful for recording information relating to picking, inventorying, moving, tracking of goods, products, resources in general and monitoring of activities related to a workflow also through the punctual reading of barcode, QRcode, RFid tag or anything else made available by mobile devices with different reading interface (reader)
Pick&TrackApp is corporate communication integrated into the application for notifications and chat

Pick&TrackApp is provided
under license of use

License enabled for single mobile device
No obligatory fee
Downloaded from Google Play for free demo, Pick&TrackApp can be activated with full enabling through thein-app purchase either through a code supplied directly or through a reference vendor

The activity sequences recorded by each mobile device are managed through the service cloud Pick&TrackApp Server

Pick&TrackApp Server can also be installed locally (optional)

Pick&TrackApp Server also allows you to define the companies / organizations as end users of the service with their individual users, it stores and makes available the types of activities carried out and manages the configurations of the basic master tables
All this information are used to profile the methods of use of the mobile device application (on field) typical for each organization, thus defining a specific Pick&TrackApp operating environment

The environment configuration activities of Pick&TrackApp, data loading, lists with the data collected by Pick&TrackApp Server, notification texts and chat, are accessible through a web based interface and / or by documented API REST in order to allow their integration with others administrative / ERP software platforms,
as well as through the scheduled or on command acquisition of specifics XML / CSV files showing the information in clear, so as to allow its treatment by common office automation tools

Every Pick&TrackApp Server, available on cloud or installed locally (optional), provides for the definition of one Master company which allows you to create and manage others User companies and configure them appropriately. Furthermore, each master company can create activity patterns which each company can decide to exploit, using them as a starting point to create their own specific configurations

Everything is also available for a single application used for personal use (professional, micro company)

Pick&TrackApp allows you to make the most of the new technologies made available by the latest Android-based mobile devices with particular reference to GPSdetectors, reading peripherals of barcode, QRcode, RFid tags, video cam etc.

Through the notification and chat functionality integrated, Pick&TrackApp allows inter-communication between company operators equipped with the application without using other chat software
Single corporate operational tool, timely communication, information monitoring

Pick&TrackApp makes the acquired data available via WEB with the greatest possible timeliness and punctuality, not necessarily by local infrastructures (servers, databases etc.)

Pick&TrackApp allows and promotes the integration with third-party software solutions

Pick&TrackApp makes it possible through a simple configuration of the application environment, by OEM / distributors, VARs, resellers, corporate IT, graphic customization and the collection of even complex and structured data, without writing specific code

Configure your environment and use Pick&TrackApp

Operational characteristics

Management and logistic items completely user definable

Availability of barcode reading, QRcode, tags on all significant application fields

Functionality of notification and chat integrated into the application

Ability to manage lists of values for compilation also via barcode/other codes

Time tag and GPS position provided in all management levels

Acquisition of image / video via cam and by insertion video, pdf, audio files on all management points and also compilation of textual notes and signature fields and graphic signatures

Registration of start / end time tag Activities: 

Ability to manage lists of pre-loaded activities from the company administrative software (ex. guided picking) or directly generate new lists from the mobile device and then import them into your ERP/administrative software

Management points

Companies: main organizations and end users who own the needs that lead to the definition of a specific operational data collection configuration

Users / operators: individual users/operators enabled and profiled by the company to act through the configuration interface and/or the application on the mobile device

Activities:group of uniform or non-uniform actions which represent an activity carried out by the operator on field

Actions: individual elements of an activity that contain all the related information entered in the various fields at each step of the activity

Elements (Action): single information which composes each action

Permanent license
No mandatory fees
12 months of software update and email support included

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