GD Vending Software Solutions

GD Vending Software Solution
è da oltre 25 anni
the ERP software solution
for computerize
the management
of vending machines ,OCS,
coffee shops, automatic shops
and not only ...

from small machines pod or capsule, to the batteries
of large vending machines of hot, cold, snacks and food,
automatic shops to coffee shops and services in general
offering the best working conditions
per ciascuna modalità di business

GD Vending Software Solution
it's easy to use

because it has high similarities with software
that companies already use in the office
GD Vending Software Solutions was designed
and built in the environment
Microsoft Windows e si avvale di terminali terminali portatili/smartphone basati su tecnologia Microsoft Windows Mobile ed Android

Your independent
and modular software

"SaaS" software as a service in the new version GD Evolution. With all GD features. Yeraly contract, montly payment
Alcuni esempi di GD Evolution

no limit of vending machines or payment systems
no obligatory fee
no limit of payment systems managed
installation on private company personal computer/server

scalar investment

the company can start with GD Data Collector, switch to GD Easy, GD Shop, GD1, GD standard without losing the initial investment and pagando solo la differenza di canone without data loss

main software features

GD contains all the main ones management functionality
indispensable for a vending or service company, entrusting the solution of specific problems to a series of other additional software and hardware modules

an overview
of the product
on the GD YouTube channel

  • main data management: customers, customer sites, sales points, operators (ARD, loaders, technicians, salesmen), vans / vehicles, vending machines, payment systems, products / supplies, accessories, spare parts, suppliers, municipalities, areas, related categories and costs for each item
  • warehouse management: manual and automatic in carrying out routine activities, realization of inventories on site, at thevending machine and the vehicle; use of barcode or cam readers installed on portable terminals or smartphones
  • managing supply & technical rounds: on a predefined periodic schedule, manual, by area, automatic based on the CAC (Automatic Consumption Calculation), by appointment, free by the operator equipped with a portable terminal or smartphone, any combination of the various methods, collection of statistical data from the most widespread payment systems (EVA DTS protocol and proprietary configurable for each system). Compatibility table
  • supplier order management: preparation of order documents based on warehouse stocks, printing of the order, loading of the warehouse from delivery by the supplier, etc.

  • Updating data from supply & technical rounds:: delivery and / or sales data on paper or by hand-held terminal, manual and / or automatic when the operator returns home, manual and / or automatic on the field via HSDPA via form GD WebEx and portable terminal or smartphone with internet connectivity, cash register and coin counting (direct connection with the most common coin counters)
  • lot management: traceability and traceability of food products, product deadlines
  • issue of documents: documents for loading vehicles, for delivery, immediate and deferred invoices, commercial documents, for loading the vending machine , documents issued at the headquarters and / or through a portable terminal or smartphone associated with a portable bluetooth printer
  • Electronic invoicing, invio telematico dei corrispettivi, predisposizione alla contabilizzazione

  • CRM customer request management: technical interventions, supplies, product orders, commercial requests, advanced customer research to reduce response times with evidence of any administrative situation of the same, note of the telephone request, assignment of the request to the operator via internet and / or SMS via the module GD WebEx
  • maintenance management: internal and external, scheduled, periodic, occasional, HACCP specialized, consumables, spare parts etc.
  • workshop management: maintenance, work phases, technical management and technical leader, (not available in GD1 and GD Shop)
  • commission / premium management: on sold and cashed; rules management on four levels of commercial / operational structure, application of hot and / or simulated rules, summary printouts
  • prints: dozens of detailed statistical and control reports with on-screen preview, available through the GD Admin base module option
  • formality: printing of information to the ASLs, drafting of SCIA models, summaries of fees, electronic transmission of the fees (Italian fiscal law)
  • statistics: of the sold, of the cashed, of the profitability, consistency check between sold and cashed for each customer, customer site (point of sale), operator, machine etc.
  • Eco / Fin data management: entry and integration of data relating to costs / revenues, revenue / expenses not strictly related to operational management (personnel costs, lease costs, depreciation, leasing, etc.) but necessary for determining the real profitability of company activities and financial flows
  • alarm management: underwriting, contract deadlines, formalities deadlines, control, operators / revolutions, telemetry distributor failures, maintenance etc. Compatibility table

Nella versione GD Evolution GD è comprensivo anche di tutti i moduli accessori (GD WebEx, GD BI, GD ERMChain, GD Map, GD Track SW)

GD Vending Software Solutions is compatible with the most common payment systems, coin counting, telemetry (compatibility table)

Field workers can be equipped with Windows Mobile and / or Android portable terminals / smartphones

specific solutions

through a series of additional modules, both software and hardware, GD can be upgraded to meet more specific needs

PM90 IrDa il terminale professionale Android anche con IrDa a bordo per l’acquisizione dati dai distributori automatici

GD Vending Software Solutions
has five levels of product for all types and sizes of business

the scalar system for all business sizes

the GD system for small and medium-sized companies

the system specialized in OCS and coffee shops management

simple but complete application for the single operator on his own
or to introduce the use of software in the company computerizing
the work of the operator in the field

for data acquisition from payment and telemetry systems,
certification and electronic transmission of fees, but not only ...

GD Standard, GD One and GD Shop on personal computers, are also available in mode Pay per Use, pay based on use of the software

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