GD easy

GD easy:
the GD organizational strength
for the single operator,
the small companies

Through one simple on-screen keyboard,
the basic information of the activity can be entered
and the types of vending machines managed,
starting the computerization of work

a few simple clicks
to have everything under control

Information on Android portable terminals / smartphones and on the vehicles used for the daily activity can be noted and managed

Starting the computerization of the activities
is a necessary strategic choice in any sector

  • GD Easy  is the tool that allows you to have your business always under control, to improve everyday operations, to lay the foundations for the controlled development of your company
  • GD Easy allows you to collect data from vending machines, coin mechanisms, payment systems, telemetry systems (compatibility table)
  • GD Easy favors the approach to Information Technology by individual vending operators that work on their own, laying the foundations for future vending companies
  • GD Easy through guided software installation and configuration paths, also supported by voice instructions, it allows you to start and use a complete computer system specialized for vending, with the use of limited resources of time and personnel
  • GD Easy through a simplified data entry method, it allows the main basic activities in the management of the distributors to be carried out in the immediate, favoring the progressive and simplified approach to the use of advanced system functions GD Vending Software Solution

  • GD Easy allows you to manage: Customers and Suppliers; Prices; Distributors, Products (waffle kits, snacks, dispensings, soft drinks, water bottles etc.); Billing, Collections; Data from payment systems and counts the most common coins
  • By GD Easy dedicating very little time, as little as is already available to spend in front of the personal computer monitor, it is however possible to keep the main company activities under control and to have the basic information on the management of the automatic vending machines.
  • GD Easy with the help of Android portable / smartphone terminals, you can save valuable time in routine daily operations and then concentrate on the activities that really do business
  • GD Easy allows the certification and electronic transmission of fees (Italian law)

At any time the GD Easy user can evolve to GD Vending Software Solutions without data loss or particular risky transfer procedures, paying only the investment difference compared to GD one or a GD standard

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