CRMCode is a software solution that allows the manager of any service to view and/or integrate into his application the reporting of "events" in the field linked to any device or location: the report can be sent by anyone with any smartphone to by simply scanning a QRCode

CRMCode allows you to create, manage and print labels containing specific information accompanied by a QR Code unique, record reports from end users and allows the manager of a service to view or allow any other application to retrieve and manage the reported events

By clicking on the send button, the user of the service sends the information text and possibly the note and the data entered to the service manager who can decide whether to request additional data and whether to make its compilation mandatory (e.g. telephone number and/or email address)

No personal information, other than what you type, will be sent from your phone when reporting. Optionally the service will ask the user if he wishes to send the GPS position with the report

CRMCode is now a feature of GD Gestione Distributori, vending software solutions, but it will be a standalone software application

CRMCode will be provided on a monthly subscription basis

Enabling based on a number of reports received per month

CRMCode can be installed on multiple personal computers

QRCode label creation activities are simply available in the product

Operational characteristics

Management and logistic items completely user definable

Functionality of notification Functionality of via email communication integrated into the application

CRMCode is a software idea registered with SIAE according to the Italian low

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