GD data collector

GD data collector:
knowing the sales and operational data of your activities is one strategic choice necessary in any sector

a single point of collection and analysis of acquired data
electronically from vending machines,
payment and telemetry systems

Through one simple on-screen keyboard, the information useful for the acquisition of sales and operational data can be entered directly from the electronics of vending machines, payment systems (coin mechanisms and key systems), telemetry systems (data via internet), which use the EVA DTS format or owners where available (compatibility table)

  • GD Data Collector is the tool that allows you to always have under control sales and the status of vending machines
  • GD Data Collector through guided software installation and configuration paths, it allows you to collect and analyze data from field collection activities or via the Internet, with the use of limited resources of time and personnel

At any time, the GD data collector user can evolve to GD easy, GD one and GD Standard without data loss or particular risky transfer procedures, paying only the investment difference compared to GD easy, GD one, GD standard

  • GD Data Collector allows to analyze data referring to: Customers; Sites / Leases / Points of Sale; vending machines, payment systems, telemetry systems (internet data) and most popular coin counters and in general all electronic payment systems that manage the EVA-DTS protocol or other proprietary protocols
  • GD Data Collector has a completely configurable EVA-DTS data interpretation system that is adaptable to any data collection system
  • GD Data Collector, through the use of an Android smartphone, will enable the activities related to the certification and electronic transmission of the fees in effect since the 01/04/2017 for vending machines with communication ports and since the 01/01/2018 for other types of distributors that are not purely mechanical, in situations where it is not necessary to use particular company management functions
  • Through the direct connection with the enabled coin counters, GD Data Collector allows the verification of the consistency of the proceeds counted with the payment system sales data even in the counting phase

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