for the data collection
from vending machines,
payment systems
and telemetry
for the memorization e
electronic sending
of the fees

Also available on MEPA

Through one simple on-screen keyboard,
data can be acquired directly from vending machines,
payment systems (coin and key systems),
that use the EVA DTS format or proprietary formats where available

TeleCorr is provided
under license of use

No limit of payment master systems managed
No obligatory fee
Installation on a company personal computer and on an Android mobile device
Archived data in your PC in the company
Prints and reports of counting provided by the Italian law

  • TeleCorr through software installation and configuration guided paths, it allows to collect data from field collection activities or via the Internet, with the use of limited resources of time and personnel

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  • TeleCorr allows to manage data referring to: Customers; Sites / Leases / Points of Sale; Price ranges; vending machines, payment systems, telemetry systems (data via internet) and in general all electronic payment systems that manage the EVA-DTS protocol or proprietary formats where available
  • TeleCorr has a completely configurable EVA-DTS data interpretation system that can be adapted to any data collection system

  • TeleCorr allows you to carry out the activities related to the electronic sending of the fees, in situations where it is not necessary to benefit from particular functionalities of business management.
  • TeleCorr can evolve to Target Informatica vending ERP platforms, without data loss or particular risky transfer procedures, paying only the investment difference
  • TeleCorr applies the multi-year experience of Target Informatica in the processing of data from vending machines to the management of recent formalities for storing and electronically sending the fees (Italian law)
  • TeleCorr it can be used on a Microsoft Windows personal computer and on one or more Android smartphones, tablets or professional terminals as required (Optional)

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