GD update version 6.9A

Available for all authorized users, a new version of GD Vending Software Solutions, which introduces, among others, the following improvements:

New version of GDServer required for Windows 10 systems> = 1803 and on Windows Server 2019 or higher ***

Introduced GD Telemetry Server for connection with telemetry systems *

Improved data management with some telemetry systems *:
- Coges Nebular
- Televend
- MCF Mars (Satispay)
- Matipay
- Vendon

Improved use of data from telemetry systems *

Improved management of customer requests

Improved data acquisition from payment systems via bluetooth **

Introduced functionality for creating intervention requests directly from PDA / smartphone 

   Limited functionality also available in GD Data Collector and GD Easy
**  Features also available in TeleCorrGD Data Collector and GD Easy

*** Functionality also available in GD Easy

Available on GDVending.IT the detailed bulletin showing all the news

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