New Pick&TrackApp product

Target Informatica presents Pick&TrackApp a new professional application for move, inventory, track goods, products, resources

Pick&TrackApp is a configurable professional mobile application useful for recording information relating to picking, inventorying, moving, tracking of goods, products, resources in general and monitoring of activities related to a workflow also through the timely reading of barcodes, QRcodes, RFid tags or anything else made available by devices furniture with different reading interface (reader)

Pick&TrackApp allows you to make the most of the new technologies made available by the most recent Android-based mobile devices with special reference to GPS detectors, barcode reading devices, QRcode, RFid tags, video cam etc.

Pick&TrackApp makes the acquired data available via WEB with the greatest possible timeliness and punctuality, not necessarily through local infrastructures (server, database etc.)

Pick&TrackApp allows, favors theintegration with ERP solutions of third parties

Pick&TrackApp makes it possible through a simple configuration of the application environment, by OEMs / distributors, VARs, resellers, corporate IT, the collection of even complex and structured data, without writing specific code

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Pick & TrackApp is available on the Google Play platform

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